25 September 2017
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Andrei Stetsenko presentation at "EU - Russia Air-Transport" Conference in Brussels, Dec.2'11

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A.Stetsenko Presentation "Ecological safety of Russia and aviation emissions"


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Major international airlines are currently part of a system that obliges them to make payments to Aeroflot for the
right to fly over the territory of Siberia. Discussion about reforming this system has continued for several years and
the Russian Government signed an Agreement on Principles of Modernisation for Trans-Siberian Routes in
Helsinki in November 2006, committing it to reform this system of airline payments by 2013. In March 2007 the EU
Council of Ministers ratified this Agreement.

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Sequestration of Greenhouse Gases by Forest Belts on Agricultural Lands

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Center for Russian Environmental Policy, Moscow 2002


The essence of the project is in growing forest belts to address problems of global climate change and prevention of soil degradation. Forest belts, planted on agricultural lands to protect soil from wind and water erosion and to raise yield capacity, simultaneously function as absorbers of greenhouse gases. Hence, the cost of shelter belt planting will be compensated for by selling of greenhouse gas emissions allowances to industrial enterprises. Enterprises or Carbon Funds acting on behalf of these enterprises will become investors financing planting of forest belts. In exchange, they get securities confirming real reduction of carbon dioxide. Using methodologies developed by the authors, the area is calculated of forest belts requisite for sequestration of a definite amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The project presents interest for business community, carbon funds, environmental foundations, as well as everyone interested in problems of climate change, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

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