25 September 2017
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Forestry legislation

After a long winter, Russia is bathing in warm spring weather, and the summer is just about to begin. But for environmentalists, hot weather means one thing: forest fires. Hundreds of fires broke out in Russia last summer, and created a toxic smoke which choked the Moscow region, and other areas for weeks in July and August, directly and indirectly causing the death of tens of thousands of people and costing Russian billions of dollars in damages.

What sort of condition is Russia's forestry legislation in, how does it measure up to the challenge created by trying to manage fires in the largest country, half of which is covered by forest?  Dr. Andrey Zaytsev, IUCN Consultant, ENPI FLEG Program Coordinator in Russia, and Aleksey Yaroshenko, the chief of the forest programme in Greenpeace Russia discuss this very question on 'Voice of Russia' Radio Station


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