25 September 2017
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Update on Russian Forest Fires

Over the past few weeks, reports have been coming through to Moscow about forest fires burning in the East of Russia. This news, which is nothing new, has not exactly been number one on news readers' agendas. However, it is of vital importance for anyone who suffered through last year’s heat waves, when hundreds of forest fires in the west of the country, in particular around Moscow broke out, leading to a doubling of the death rate in Moscow over three weeks in late July and the first half of August.

The big question in Russia now is: will this year be as bad as last year? Will it be worse? Should we plan to evacuate the capital for July and August, as Muscovites wished they could have done last year, or is this all a wild exaggeration?

To answer these and other pertinent questions, I have in the studio: Nikolai Shatkov, the Forest Policy Projects Coordinator WWF Russia, and Dmitry Aksyonov, the Director General of the NGO Transparent World.

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