25 September 2017
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Weather to get hotter and hotter

A heat wave is coming to central Russia, with temperatures expected to exceed 30 degrees Celcius this week. However, weather experts insist that there will be no repetition of last year`s unprecedented heat.

Like in 2010, hot and dry weather is coming from Central Africa and Asia. This heat wave has already reached Eastern Europe and is now heading for Russia, the country’s southern lands already gripped by forest fires. The fire alert was announced in the Russian Arctic where temperatures have reached 30 degrees Celsius. Experts predict that every year the weather will be getting hotter. Climate on earth has changed a lot over the past 30 years. Though the climate became only 1 degree warmer, we already see the consequences of that. The tendency is that unprecedented heat in one region is always accompanied by overly cold weather in another. The head of Climate and Energy Program at WWF Russia Alexey Kokorin: “It is hot in Eastern Europe and in northern Russia. Moscow is not an exception. Normal temperatures in July should not be higher than 23 degrees Celsius in daytime and 13 degrees at night. Now we see that the temperature is 6-7 degrees above the norm. When we were suffering from heat last summer, it was snowing in South America as their temperatures were nine degrees lower than usual. In winter, we faced a severely cold weather, too”.

Currently it is cold in the southern hemisphere. Snow and freezing rains are taking place in Brazil. And such cases will become even more frequent since chemical emissions are affecting the temperature balance. The only solution to improve the situation is to reduce CO2 emissions.

Moscow is facing a new wave of heat in the coming week. An expert at Fobos center for weather forecasting, Leonid Starkov: “We do not expect last year`s heat neither in July nor in August. However, there will be days when temperatures may be 5-7 degrees higher than normal”.

Extremely hot weather affects the entire continent. In London, temperature stands at 32 degrees Celsius, while in Paris and Barcelona things are even tougher- with 35 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius respectively.

People are browsing the web searching for best hot weather tips. They are advised to do a great variety of things to get at least a temporary relief from heat: from having an ice body-pack to using creams containing menthol. Japan`s cosmetic industry offers a special cooling spray that creates a feeling of freshness.

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