25 September 2017
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CEI was established in 2007 by a group of leading Russian environmental economists. The main objective of CEI is to find innovative, economically feasible, environmentally and socially effective solutions to the environmental problems in Russia and globally. CEI has over 30 specialists of permanent staff and invited experts which are involved in our activities, projects, programs. One of our priority challenges is to support successful implementation of Kyoto Protocol in Russia, adopt ambitious commitments and effective rules of their fulfillment for post-2012 climate deal, facilitate large scale investments into the forest sector development in Russia.

By February 2010 CEI has implemented over 12 research projects, awareness raising and training campaigns, organized over 30 workshops and conferences all over Russia from Sakhalin, Altai, Baikal, Novosibirsk to Veliki Novgorod and St.Petersburg. CEI specialists have been actively participating in Russian and international forums and conferences on climate change, forestry, environmental issues, including those of UN. Now CEI is being registered as an observer NGO at UNFCCC Secretariat. CEI is a member of global Boreal Forests Network of NGOs and universities.

The recent project “Expanding the mitigation policy: investments in forest carbon sinks in Russia” funded by SPF FCO UK in 2008-2009 was focused on elaboration of the framework for widescale carbon investments into the forestry projects in Russia using the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms. We development the IPCC-based methodology for the pilot forestry project in Shipunovo district of Altai region and found investors for it. We also catalyzed development of the region-wide aforestation program for 50,000 hectares of degraded land in Altai which has been proposed to carbon investors under JI and GIS schemes. The project results were presented at the Copenhagen UNFCCC COP-15,its 3rd Forest Day and were highly evaluated.

CEI specialists had implemented the first ever Russian project on planting forest belts in Voronezh region. Over 50 hectares of forest belts were planted, which allowed to do in-depth analysis the barriers for such activities in Russia, their costs and benefits, practical solutions. This project was nominated the first place in the project competition “Russian ecological innovations” organized by the Expert Magazine.

CEI specialists helped to organize a number of conferences on environmental economics and climate change in Baikal (Buryatia, Listvyanka), Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Altai, expeditions to the UNESCO world heritage sites.

CEI has extensive experience in cooperating internationally. We have been working with the US NGO Environmental Defense Fund on in-depth review of Russia’s forestry inventory, assessment of various LULUCF rules, coordination of negotiation positions between Russia and US on LULUCF accounting rules. Another important direction of our collaboration is REDD+ negotiation process. CEI has working links and partnerships with Austrian, Dutch, German, Finnish, US organizations working on climate change, carbon market, forestry sector.

CEI has established partnerships with a number of leading Russian organizations, including RAS Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity, National Carbon Sequestration Foundation, National Forestry Agency, Altai Regional Forestry Agency, Fund Altai 21st Century, Altai State Technical University, Kamchatka League of Independent Experts, Baikal Institute of Nature Management, Sakhalin NGO Rodnik, Kemerovo State University, Novgorod Environmental Information Centre, and many others.


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